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Randall S. Hansen, PhD

Why hire this expert? Dr. Hansen is an empowering polymath: an educator, professor, and coach; a marketing guru; a conservationist and nature-lover; and a builder… of websites and actual construction. What is Dr. Hansen’s bio? Dr. Randall S. Hansen is an educator, author, and blogger, as well as founder and CEO of, a network of empowering and transformative Websites, including Dr. Hansen has been helping empower people to achieving success his entire adult life. He

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Abilities Enhanced/Meg Montford

Why hire this expert? Abilities Enhanced® is a career center that offers career coaching, resume writing, job-search strategies, and helps ease career transitions. Website:

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Top Results Coaching/Kirstin O’Donovan

Why hire this expert? At Top Results Coaching, Kirstin does what every great coach does: provide support, guidance, accountability, and challenge you to produce top results. As your partner in success, she brings personal and business coaching, time management, and other disciplines into one tailored solution. The result? You gain control over your time so you accomplish more. Kirstin is based in Madrid, Spain, and most of my sessions are done via Skype or phone. Website:

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