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Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D.

Why hire this expert? Dr. Civitelli is a vocational psychologist and career coach who helps clients to choose, change, or advance their careers. Specialities include working with introverts, entrepreneurs, and professionals in high tech. Location: Austin, TX, USA, but work is done via Skype and telephone Client Specialization: All Services offered: Business Coaching, Entrepreneurial Coaching, Career Assessments/Career Choice, Career Coaching–Executive, Career Coaching–Interview, Career Coaching–Job Search, Career Coaching–Mid-Career, Career Coaching–Nonprofit, Career Coaching–Performance, Career Coaching–Salary Negotiation, Career Coaching–Transition/Career Change, Career Counseling, Expert Media Source, Life Coaching, Personal-Branding Coaching / Strategizing, Web Publisher / Blogger / Author

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