Eddins Counseling Group/Joan E. Mullinax, LPC

  • Why hire this expert? As a “poster child” for positive career change, Joan Mullinax has a clear picture of the challenges and joys of moving from a career you QCApprovedTemplate_pptMullinaxhate, tolerate, or even like, to one you love – where your strengths are valued and your colleagues speak your language. She can support you in clarifying and implementing your career direction – from assessments to education/training to job search to career development. As a manager in the computer industry, she hired and trained multiple employees. As a result, she has a clear picture of the employment process from an employer’s perspective. She has also been through a lay-off and understands the financial and emotional impact a lay-off can have, as well as the opportunity it provides for a person to find a career in which one can thrive.
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