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  • Why hire this expert? “Committed to Empowering You, for a Better Life.” I am here to support and partner with you in an effort (for you) to QCApprovedTemplate_pptCelestinareach new personal and/or business goals that are un-attainable at this time, as well as aid in the elimination of negative life issues.We will initially evaluate your areas of strengths and weaknesses as well as needs and perceived problems. We will then formulate a successful approach to overcome any negative issues, while developing mechanisms of confidence, motivation and structure in order for you to reach your goals.I look forward to working with you, overcoming any challenges that may lie ahead in that course, and experiencing the many positive changes and successes upcoming for you in the future.

 Location: Venice, FL, USA

  • Client Specialization: All
  • Services offered: Business Coaching, Entrepreneurial Coaching, Career Assessments/Career Choice, Career Coaching–Executive, Career Coaching–Interview, Career Coaching–Job Search, Career Coaching–Mid-Career, Career Coaching–Nonprofit, Career Coaching–Performance
    Career Coaching–Salary Negotiation, Career Coaching–Transition/Career Change, Career Counseling, Life Coaching
  • Occupation/Industry Specialization: All
  • Websitehttp://fullcirclecoachingsolutions.com
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  • Phone: 941-492-2467 [ Please mention Find a Career Expert when you call ]
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  • Credentials/Certifications: Professional Certified Coach/PCC, Certified Career Coach/CCC, Job and Career Development Coach/JCDC, Job and Career Transition Coach/JCTC, Certified Professional Career Coach/CPCC
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