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  • Why hire this expert? Debra Feldman is the JobWhiz, a nationally recognized executive talent agent. Forbes called her Matchmaker: Part sleuth. Part QCApprovedTemplate_pptFeldmannetworker. Uniquely, she first develops the most effective go-to-market job search campaign roadmap and then achieves an almost 99% success rate by personally cultivating networking connections for her clients to source unadvertised senior executive job leads in the hidden job market, a clearly competitive advantage in today’s environment. Debra relies on her extraordinary ability to find hidden opportunities, promote the creation of original roles designed for JobWhiz clients, obtain coveted recommendations, eliminate corporate gatekeepers and remove barriers preventing job searching progress in order to accelerate campaign results and produce smooth, swift executive career transitions. She specializes in re-entry candidates, industry switchers, career changers, and those whose diverse backgrounds rarely attract employers’ attention. Those who are not a recruiter’s perfect candidate are among Debra’s favored clients. Willing to explain the differences between job searching via recruiters compared to hiring an executive talent agent to promote a candidate directly to decision makers and establish productive networking contacts who become lifetime career connections and resources
  • Client Specialization: Executives/C-Suite, Mature Job-seekers, Retirees, Career changers, Returnships
  • Services offered: Career Coaching–Job Search, Career Coaching–Salary Negotiation, Career Coaching–Transition/Career Change, Expert Media Source, Personal-Branding Coaching / Strategizing, Cold Calling
  • Occupation/Industry Specialization: All, including all senior-level executive Hollywood and Politics
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  • Phone: 203 637-3500 [ Please mention Find a Career Expert when you call ]
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  • Credentials/Certifications: Master’s Degree in Research and Analysis
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