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  • Why hire this expert?  Let Resumes Transformed take the frustration out of writing your resume. I have written resumes for hundreds of clients in multiple QCApprovedTemplate_pptMichellePindustries. I have a strong track record of producing high quality, distinctive, customized resumes that get results. My clients walk away with increased confidence after seeing how I package their expertise and experience into a compelling narrative that makes the reader want to know more. Personalized Guidance * Fast * Customized, Targeted Resumes * Guarantee
  • Location: Michigan, USA
  • Client Specialization: Entry-Level, Mid-Career, Executives/C-Suite
  • Services offered: Entrepreneurial Coaching, Career Assessments/Career Choice, Career Coaching–Interview, Career Coaching–Job Search, Career Coaching–Mid-Career, Career Coaching–Salary Negotiation, Career Coaching–Transition/Career Change, Cover-letter Writing, CV Writing–Academic, LinkedIn Profile Writing, Resume Writing
  • Occupation/Industry Specialization: All
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  • Phone: 800-410-7508 [ Please mention Find a Career Expert when you call ]
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