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  • Why hire this expert? “I believe in transformation. I see it every day in our clients. Some clients need quick transformations: Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Job Offer QCApprovedTemplate_pptAmyWolfgangNegotiation, Interview Preparation. Some career coaching clients are seeking larger transformations in their career and lives: Career Discovery, Long-term Career Planning, Aligning their career with their Core Values, Creating and Achieving Goals. I love what I do because I get to help individuals through their transformations to a more satisfying career and life every day! I’m a business owner and social entrepreneur with expertise in the areas of goal setting, life-long career management, assessments, career selection, and employee engagement. Additionally, I hold a Professional Career Manager (PCM) certification and a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin.”
  • Location: Austin, TX, USA
  • Client Specialization: College Students, Entry-Level, Mid-Career, Mature Job-seekers
  • Services offered: Business Coaching, Entrepreneurial Coaching, Career Assessments/Career Choice, Career Coaching–Interview, Career Coaching–Job Search, Career Coaching–Mid-Career, Career Coaching–Nonprofit, Career Coaching–Performance, Career Coaching–Salary Negotiation, Career Coaching–Transition/Career Change, Career Counseling, Cover-letter Writing, CV Writing–Academic, CV Writing–Scientific/Medical, CV Writing–International, Expert Media Source, LinkedIn Profile Writing, Personal-Branding Coaching / Strategizing, Social-Media / Online-Presence Coaching, Training / Curriculum Development, Web Publisher / Blogger / Author
  • Occupation/Industry Specialization: All
  • Websiteshttp://www.wolfgangcareercoaching.com, http://www.coaching4good.com
  • Bloghttp://www.wolfgangcareercoaching.com/blog
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  • Phone: 512-850-4425 [ Please mention Find a Career Expert when you call ]
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  • Credentials/Certifications: Credentialed Career Manager/CCM
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